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Kopke Port 75cl

Laderas de Cabamas 2012 75cl

Gorghi Tondi Nero d’Avola 75cl

Gorghi Tondi Frappato ‘Dume’ 75cl

ATP Tartufini Dolci Misti 190g

Desideri Cantucci di Prato 300g

P.Garrigos Dark Chocolate with Almonds 200g

P.Garrigos ‘Fuites’ 250g

Pasta Gentile 500g

Melchiorri EVOO ‘La Villa’ 500ml

Acetaia Leonardi Balsamico ‘Serie 4’ 250ml

Armatore Cetara Anchovies 45g


In the case of a product being out of stock, it will be automatically replaced with another product of a similar value.